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Welcome to Piraeus Business Center!

Piraeus Business Center offers a wide variety of luxurious and fully equipped offices such as:

Office Suites | Open Space offices | Virtual offices | Tax Residency | Meeting rooms | Orange Conference Hall | Business Lounge

All our services are included in most of the office packages. Customer has the flexibility to choose the time, the space even the office equipment, tailor-made for his needs.

Prices started from Euro 150/month or Euro 20/day for Co-Working included Help Desk, public utilities, Internet, Telephone, cleaning service etc. All our spaces are modern and luxurious ready to welcome all kind of professionals like freelancers, small-medium companies and startups that need a unique work-environment.

Our meeting rooms are fully equipped for prosperous meetings with your partners or clients.

Piraeus Business Center is located at the central harbor of Piraeus, having easy access via public transportation and parking space.

Basic Pack for Serviced - Offices Include

  • Reception Service: 09:00-18:00
  • Public Utilities
  • Meeting-Rooms
  • Business Lounge
  • Wired Internet VDSL
  • WIFI
  • Telephone Center
  • Fax - Scan - Printers
  • Cleaning Service
  • CCTV and Security 24/7
  • Filter Coffee or Tea

Extra Services

  • Pesonal Telephone Line
  • Call Operator
  • Secretarial Services
  • Inhouse Courier Services
  • International Courier Services
  • Private Parking Space
  • IT Service
  • Storage Space
  • Travel Services
  • Catering


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For all enquiries, please call +30 210 46 17 999 or email info@serviced-office.gr